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20 Haziran 2015 Cumartesi


Hello everyone.! My name is Gülşah.I'm writing you from Turkey..I hope you all well :) I want to keep introducing myself to you a little bit more..And first thing is about me  that everbody calls me 'Gülüş' :) And second of all ,my english may not be very good and i'm sorry for that.But here is my chance to improve it :) I'm 26 years old and unfortunately i have lupus of 2 years.And it really sucks.! I graduated from mathematics department in 2013.And that summer my legs had began to swell. The little red rashes were everywhere on my legs.My arms and legs were in pain.I couldn't sleep for days.It was like a nightmare..A nightmare that i wanted to wake up.
After those sleepless nights we went to the hospital.According to my urinalysis results i had lupus nephritis and we had not heard anything about it before.I was shocked.Then my doctor started to explain all facts about Sle.I was crying,my mom was also crying..Because this damn disease never dissapear.My life  would be completely changed.I spent two weeks in hospital. My blood values were very low so blood supplements were required. And finally my biopsy results were talking:( i was diagnosed with lupus nephritis (stage4). You know,the worst stage.! 
So,we  begun treatment. 6 months of chemotherapy treatment and cortisone.! These two friends ruined my whole life.!! At first it was okay.I was healing and feeling so strong.Everything in my body was normal.. A few months later oh my dear God,how can ı describe it,i really dont know  but  my face looked like moon..Small mouth,small nose but a huge head like pumpkin :D Now i am laughing but really tough days i'm talking about.I was crying all day long.Thank God i didn't have to go to school anymore.My days were passing between hospital and home.I stopped to hang out with my friends.I don't know why i behaved like this.Depression may be. I don't know.While my face getting bigger on the other hand i started to lose my hair.Welcome to the hell =)) But you know what, it is all gone..yay!! :):) 
Anyway, i 'm gonna keep writing of course.İ just wanted to introduce myself first.I always will be glad if you guys leave comments  about my blog or your experiences..We can support each other..Because we are lupus fighters.! <3

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